There are 4 baseball divisions, with players placed primarily based on age. However, our goal is for players to play in the division which best reflects skill and developmental level. Thus, players may be moved from one division to another if coaches believe that it is appropriate for skills development, player safety, or social and emotional comfort. Please feel free to contact the league administrator with any questions or requests regarding player placement.

The 4 divisions are as follows. All ages refer to "league age" as defined by Little League International. LEAGUE AGE CHART


Tee Ball- Tee Ball is for players 4-5 years of age. No previous skill is required. The goal of Tee Ball is primarily and introduction to the game of baseball, fundamental skills development including throwing, catching, hitting, base running, and above all to have fun. All players bat each inning and outs are not formerly recorded. The goals are simply to improve skills and have fun. Teams will typically have one game per week played on Saturday morning and one practice per week as scheduled by the coach.

Coach Pitch - Coach Pitch is for players league age 6-7. Ideally players should have had some exposure to baseball, but experience is not required. The primary focus is on skills development- throwing, catching, hitting, base running, etc. Coaches pitch to hitters, greatly increasing the likelihood of the ball being put in play. All players will bat in each inning, and while outs are informally recorded, innings end when each player has had a chance at bat. Teams will typically have one game per week mid-morning on Saturdays, with an occasional "friendly" scheduled during the week against another team from the Burlington area and a practice scheduled by the coach.

Minor League- Minor league is for players league age 8-10. It is expected, but not required that players will have had some experience with baseball or at minimum will have some ability to throw and catch a baseball. The emphasis of Minor Leagues is on skills development, specialized positions, and the rules of baseball. Players with strong throwing ability and control pitch to hitters. Outs are recorded and the players play 6 innings of 3 outs. With the exception of no stealing or running on a dropped third strike, rules are the same as in the Major League division. Players do not need to try out for the Minor Leagues, but are encouraged to attend the tryouts/skills assessment to aid in team balancing and potentially to be brought up to the Major Leagues. Teams will have a scheduled game early afternoons every Saturday and generally one game scheduled in the evening during the week as well as one practice. 

Major League-The Major League division is for players 10-12, but may occasionally include skilled 9-year-old players. In the Major League division the emphasis is on skills development, rules of baseball, sportsmanship, specialization, and game strategy. While coaches attempt to provide fair playing time for all players, there is more emphasis on competition and there is no guarantee that all players will receive equal playing time or will be able to play their preferred position. Teams will have a regular game on Saturday morning and up to two additional games during the week, typically Tuesday - Thursday. Approximately half of weekday games will be away games played in the Old North end of New North End of Burlington. Teams will typically practice once or twice per week when the game schedule permits. Players must attend tryouts for the Major League division. There may be a limited number of spots and not all players will have the opportunity to play in the Major League division. Where space is limited, preference will typically be given to players league age 11 and 12.

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