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Age/Division Calculator

Your player’s league age is determined by the Little League Baseball® and Little League Softball® Age Charts. The dates for baseball and softball are different, but each determines the division in which your Little Leaguer will play this season. The Age Determination Date for a Little League Baseball player is the actual age of a child on August 31 of the current year.


Tee Ball- Tee Ball is for players 4-5 years of age. No previous skill is required. The goal of Tee Ball is primarily and introduction to the game of baseball, fundamental skills development including throwing, catching, hitting, base running, and above all to have fun. All players bat each inning and outs are not formerly recorded. The goals are simply to improve skills and have fun. Teams will typically have one game per week played on Saturday morning and one practice per week as scheduled by the coach.

T-Ball FAQs

When does the season start/end?
The season officially begins on Opening day - which is typically the last weekend in April or 1st weekend in May. There are optional clinics hosted in March and April.

What is the time commitment?
Teams will practice once during the week (45-60 minutes). The night of practice will depend on availability of the coaches. If you volunteer to coach, you can pick your day and time. Teams also have one game on Saturday morning on the lower field of Callahan Park.

What equipment do I need?
Each player needs their own glove. Each team will be provided a tee, baseballs, bats and helmets to share. Some kids will wear cleats, but they are not required at this level. You do not need to purchase your own bat or helmet.

What is the age and talent level of the kids?
Tee ball is an introduction to baseball, and is all about having fun, making friends, and developing some fundamental skills. Kids will range from age 4 to 6 years old. Kids start out at varying levels - some kids will have experience playing and others will need help putting on their glove. It is not necessary that a kid can catch or throw to begin T-Ball. Coaches will work with kids to improve their skills throughout the season. All are welcome, and all will improve!

How are the games structured?
Both games are usually about an hour on Saturday mornings on the lower field at Calahan Park. In Tee-Ball games there are no outs and no score, and everyone gets to hit each inning. Toward the end of the season, some coaches may introduce coach pitching to kids that are ready. However, most kids will benefit from using the Tee because: (1) using a tee helps kids practice a level swing and (2) it is safer
for the kids just learning to catch when a batter hits off a tee than off a pitch. In Coach Pitch games all players will bat in each inning, and while outs are informally recorded, innings end when each player has had a chance to bat.

Can I volunteer to help?
Yes! BA relies on volunteers to make the season possible.

Coaching: At the T-Ball level, you don't need to be a baseball expert, just be willing to put in the time and energy to help the kids learn and have fun. BA has a player development agent who will provide guidance to the coaches in how best to structure practices.

Green up Day: Everyone is welcome to help get the fields ready for the season.

Team Parent: Someone to organize team snacks and be a liaison between parents and the coaches.

Snack Shack: The Snack Shack is the main fundraising source for BA, and parent volunteers are critical to keeping it running. Parents (and older kids), can sign up to take shifts selling snacks and running the grill. *Please check out the “Volunteer Opportunities” link on the website*

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Burlington American Little League

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